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Principal Investigator

Carlotta Mummolo is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanics, Mathematics, and Management of Polyechnic of Bari, in Italy. Before moving back to her hometown in Italy in 2020, she was an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA. 

Her research is based on a multidisciplinary approach that integrates fundamental biological and mechanical principles into robotics research platforms to investigate how legged systems move and interact with their environment.

Dr. Mummolo received her bachelor and master degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Polytechnic of Bari (Italy) in 2009 and 2011, respectively, and a second master degree in Mechanical Engineering from New York University (NYU) in 2011. In January 2016, she received two doctoral degrees through a joint Ph.D. program in Mechanical Engineering between Polytechnic of Bari and NYU. Since 2016, Dr. Mummolo has mentored more than 30 students (undergraduate and master) with their thesis dissertations and research activities and had teaching experience in the topics of robot mechanics, robot mobility, simulation tools for robotics, automatic control, system dynamics.

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Andrea Lucchese, PhD. Senior Researcher. Politecnico di Bari, Italy


Kübra Akbaş, PhD. Postdoctoral Fellow at Rutgers University School of Health Professions

Kübra obtained their B.S. in Mechanical Engineering (2018) and M.S. in Mechatronics and Robotics (2019) from the New York University Tandon School of Engineering. They then completed their Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering (2023) at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, which was part of a joint program with Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences. Their dissertation was focused on quantifying postural balance in humans and bipedal systems through analytical, computational, and experimental approaches. 


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Francesca Rita Paglialonga
MS Thesis in Biomechanics

Politecnico di Bari, Italy

Erika Vuolo

Research Assistant Politecnico di Bari, Italy



Dr. Ilaria Mileti

Visiting Postdoc

University of Rome, La Sapienza

Stefano Pescosolido

Master Student

University of Rome, La Sapienza


Martina Suglia, University of Rome La Sapienza - 09/2018 - 12/2018   

Verdiana Valente, University of Rome La Sapienza - 09/2018 - 12/2018

Giulia Vicentini, University of Rome La Sapienza - 09/2018 - 12/2018

Karen Ayoub, B.S. Biomedical Engineering - 09/2018 - 12/2019

Karina Dsouza, B.S. Biomedical Engineering - 09/2018 - 12/2019

Swathi Pavuluri, B.S. Biomedical Engineering - 09/2018 -12/2019

Mahenoor Shaikh, B.S. Biomedical Engineering - 04/2019 - 08/2019

Brian Mcgrath, B.S. Electronic and Computer Engineering Technology - 04/2019 - 08/2019

Darshan Patel, Middlesex Academy for Allied Health and Biomedical Sciences - 06/2019 - 08/2019

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