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Just like the laboratory of Dr. Coppélius, the bizarre scientist who is the protagonist of a famous ballet from 1870, the Coppélia Research Lab is a place for invention, where humans are studied to inspire machines and machines are designed to assist humans.

By integrating fundamental biological and mechanical principles into robotics research platforms, we investigate the motor performance of legged systems as they move and interact with their environment.  

The Lab is directed by Dr. Carlotta Mummolo, Assistant Professor at the Department of Mechanics, Mathematics and Management at the Polytechnic of Bari, ITALY. 

About the Lab

Research topics in this lab include:

  • Principles of bipedal locomotion and balance stability, with applications in the field of motor rehabilitation

  • Biomechanical analysis of the cycling performance

  • Modeling of contact interaction of soft interfaces

  • Motor performance, variability, and difficulty in repetitive upper arm movements 

  • Multi-body, multi-contact, and musculoskeletal modeling of human body.

Dr Coppélius, the toymaker, has created the lifelike Coppélia doll and wishes for nothing more than to bring her to life. 


Student Art:

Akbas, Kubra. Our Lab.

2019, NJIT, Newark.

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