Imagine the following actions: walking, stair climbing, holding the armrests of a chair while standing up, and leaning on the wall while reaching for an object on the floor. These everyday life activities require the coordination between human body motion and the available contact interactions with the environment in order to maintain balance.

On one hand, we need a better understanding of the human remarkable ability to plan body motion and intended contact interactions to achieve agile and efficient movements. On the other hand, the formulation of a mathematical framework to plan and control such coordinated actions in robotic legged systems remains a challenge to be addressed.



  • Mechanisms and Robotics

  • Multibody Dynamics

  • Multi-Contact Mechanics

  • Optimization Algorithms

  • Motion Planning and Control

  • Humanoid Robotics

  • Human-Robot Interaction

  • Balance Stability of Legged Systems

  • Assistive/Rehabilitation Robotics

  • Gait Biomechanics

  • Healthy Ageing

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